Are /jmzajorstoq & /fc8z-_vuvcg Brothers? An Astronomical Bond?

Do you ever wonder what is the limit? How far can we go or how far can we even think? The simple answer to this is ” NOT ENOUGH“.

The world is changing rapidly. We are developing day by day. Technology is improving day by day. These all things are assisting humans in knowing more and more things about not only our world but about outer space too. There are millions of things we know about our world and universe. Still, there are trillions of things that we are yet to discover. We don`t even know where we came from or how the universe was formed, we have nothing other than a few theories. Such as the theory I am going to mention below about /jmzajorstoq and /fc8z-_vuvcg.

Do We Even Know What Is Above Our Heads?

Let me ask you a question, What do you see when you look at the night sky? Surely, stars, planets our own moon, constellations, and many more things. But, do we know how they got there? What is their origin? The simple answer to this question is no because theories such as the big bang theory are just a theory, not reality. These are some mysteries that no matter how hard we try or how intelligent we will become. We will never be able to solve, it unless our own breaths end up and we become a part of it. However, there are a few things that maybe are true and we humans do have evidence about it. One of those things is our today`s topic.

Now you may ask what is the relation between /jmzajorstoq & /fc8z-_vuvcg and our universe. I know that these codes do look like secret codes but in reality, they may be something that we look at every day but never give proper attention to. These unreadable codes were not invented today or even in this century, we have to go all the way back to understand everything about the mystery behind  /jmzajorstoq and /fc8z-_vuvcg.

So, let’s dive into our imaginary world.

The Comparison Between /jmzajorstoq, /fc8z-_vuvcg and Our Night Sky

Forget who you are and what race you are a part of. Think the way no one else does. Next time you see the night sky, try to locate two stars right on the top of your head. One will be a little reddish and the other one will shine a bluish-white color. They are Pollux and Castor. Just look at them blinking at you like a firefly roaming around in empty fields at night time. You may ask what is special in them that stands them out from every possible other stars. The answer to this question is the mythology behind it. Plus it’s a possible affair with  /jmzajorstoq and /fc8z-_vuvcg. Let’s read the mythology behind the constellation in which these two stars belong known as Gemini.

Mythology Behind the Constellation of Gemini

Mythology Behind the Constellation of Gemini

Spartan siblings Castor and Pollux lived long before flannel sheets and fleece sweaters. Zeus’s intervention in their mother’s life made Castor mortal and Pollux eternal, twins. Pollux was immortal and strong. Castor spent time with Pep, his favorite steed, despite Pollux’s praise. As Pollux strengthened, Castor and Pep became so familiar that Castor became one of the best horsemen in Greece.

Siblings never parted. Pollux, chased by Castor on his brave steed, would amaze many. Both were calm and had unique personalities. The brothers’ combined efforts helped everyone they met.

Jason and the Argonauts met Pollux, Castor, and Pep! Jason soon invited the brothers to join his Argonauts after seeing their greatness. They eagerly joined Jason on his holy quest to find the Golden Fleece. The Fleece, skinned from the gilded, winged Ram, gave its wearers confidence and fierceness. Supposedly, a noble king received it. The twins wanted the Ram’s Golden Fleece to elevate their status. However, a Trojan lord kidnaps their sister Helen while they searched for the Golden Fleece.

That was one-tale reading. Helen may have fled Sparta with the Prince of Troy after falling in love with him. Sparta’s enraged king called on his many troops. Pollux and Castor joined Jason and the Argonauts in the Spartan realm to rescue Helen from Troy. Trojan War. Pollux survived while Castor died. Pep and Pollux grieved their sibling and friend. Pollux did not want to retrieve the Golden Fleece without his brother after the fight, which claimed many lives. Pollux spent days on Pep’s back, too weak and grieving to move. Pep led him to Olympus, Greece’s tallest peak.

Zeus had been observing. The moment he laid eyes on his true son Pollux, the demigod, he knew his fate. Pollux cried out, “I cannot bear to live this immortal life without my dear brother. Please, please: make me mortal.”

Zeus felt deeply sympathetic toward Pollux and Castor, and he recognized an unbreakable connection between the twins. Zeus gave Pollux and Castor a permanent place in the heavens as the constellation Gemini.

What Do /jmzajorstoq and /fc8z-_vuvcg mean?

What Do jmzajorstoq and fc8z-_vuvcg mean

Basically, the unbreakable connection and the love between the two brothers forced Zeus to take steps and those stars in the legend mentioned above also give these two names  /jmzajorstoq and /fc8z-_vuvcg to the stars we now know as Castro and pollux according to some ancient notes left behind by those who are gone but there left messages will always be here with us that are not only hard to solve but also are unreadable sometimes. Not only these are some unimaginable titles given to the shining stars of the night but there are other examples too.

These are mentioned below:







These are some words that we can not imagine. For example words such as chair and table create an image in our minds. However, these kinds of keywords such as  /jmzajorstoq and /fc8z-_vuvcg do not create any kind of image in our heads but in reality, are a great thing if we want to look at it. It may open a new door for you to enter.

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