877-311-5134: Scam or Legit? Know Complete Details

There is no doubt that technology has both its advantages as well as disadvantages. Where mobile phones have made our conversation easy, at the same time, these have also increased the scam rate. Many people are receiving scam phone calls and end up losing their bank balance.

If you also receive phone calls from unknown numbers, you need to be careful because many people have got scammed after answering a phone call from 877-311-5134. Although this scam was started in the USA first, now it is increasing worldwide on a rapid rate. So, let’s get complete details about this number.

What is 877-311-5134?

Scammers always come up with new tricks to scam people. Now, they have started calling people by hiding their identity. They demand personal information from people regarding their bank account, PINs, OTPs and so on. Now, the number ‘877-311-5134’ is a matter of discussion because a lot of people have received calls from this number.

As per the information gathered from people, it has been concluded that the suspect claims to be a government employee by showing fake identity and designation. This way, he convinces people to update their bank account by demanding their personal details regarding their bank account.

On the other hand, some people reported that they received a call from 877-311-5134, where a person claimed that he is from a Microsoft company. Then he asked people to share their credit card number or other details. Some innocent people shared their details and got scammed.

Many people believe that there is a group of scammers who do such scams with unknown numbers. That is why it is crucial to be careful while answering any phone call from a skeptical phone number.

Should you Pick Calls from 877-311-5134?

As cyber crime is increasing drastically, it is not only recommended to avoid picking calls from 87-311-5134 but make sure to avoid calls from other junk and spam calls as well. So, the fact is clear that you should not pick any call from an unrecognized or skeptical number if you don’t want to fall in the trap of scammers.

How to Avoid Spam and Junk Calls?

It is extremely important to avoid spam and junk calls if you don’t want to face monetary scams. So, what can you do to avoid spam calls? Well, you can simply consider the points given below to avoid getting trapped.

  • If you pick up a call from an unknown number, do not disclose your personal details.
  • Download some official mobile applications to automatically block spam calls.
  • If someone demands money from you, immediately report it.
  • You can file your complaints to the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) at ftc.gov/complaint.

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Wrapping Up

To wrap up, avoid getting a victim of fraud by avoiding suspicious calls from the numbers you don’t recognize. Don’t try to share your OTP or PIN with anyone, or else get ready to see your bank balance as zero.

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